Where Home is your Environment!


We are a renovation company based in Calgary. Our team consists of experienced Italian builders who have gained their local experience having served Calgary's homeowners. During this time we have developed relationships with local tradesmen and subcontractors. This combination of our dedication to quality of build and attention to detail, along with the expertise of local subcontractors gives our building company a competitive edge over our competitors.




​Why us​


First of all, we will make sure that you will have all the professional advice you need before the project commences. Secondly, we will advise you on how long the project will take and how soon we can start. During the job we will inform you as early as possible about any problems or delays. At all times, we will treat your property with respect and keep it safe and healthy place. We promise to be easily contactable during the job and answer promptly to all enquirers.​Additionally, we will present options available to you during the project when there is a choice of solutions. We will not just do it, but do it in a most professional way.​Most importantly, we will always leave top quality for you to enjoy and to show off to your guests.​


What we do.


We offer all trades building services for clients seeking House Conversions and Renovations. We fit new Kitchens and Bathrooms and also carry out all associated works: plumbing, electrical, plastering and decorating etc. Most of the tradesmen are our employees and we subcontract some trades to our trusted local subcontractors. This ensures that every job that we undertake is carried out in a timely and professional manner and to a very high standard.​


Where we work.


Our primary area of activity is Calgary and surrounding areas.