Interior Painting
Exterior Painting

A home addition can be an easy and inexpensive way to increase your living space and improve your quality of life. Whether your family is growing or you'd like to boost the resale value of your house, we can help. At Elite construction & remodeling NY., our contractors have a wealth of experience providing quality service to homeowners in your area. We have extensive knowledge in building everything from entertainment rooms to kitchens. In addition to providing a free estimate, our skilled contractors will help you in every step of our process. Our Full-Service capability gives you the confidence that our experts will know your entire project down to the smallest detail.

Whether it's new drywall or existing walls, our professional painters are able to make your walls and ceilings look brand new with premium products designed to cover imperfections, stains, water damage, etc. Most commonly used products are a variety of 100% acrylic wall paints, such as standard wall paints, kitchen and bath paints with mildew resistant properties, high hiding ceiling paints, and more. Before the top coats are applied, wall repairs are performed, followed by priming, and a vigorous pole sanding to remove old bumps, lint, etc. from the walls. This allows for the best possible finish on your walls and ceilings.

 Newly installed trim & mouldings, as well as existing trim & mouldings are typically sprayed with professional airless technology to attain the best possible finish. Trim is always sanded, then gaps and nail holes are filled, primer is applied, and after a final inspection the top coats are applied. Reborn offers many trim painting systems from extremely durable 100% acrylics, lacquer, stain & clear coats (lacquer, varnish, etc.), enamels, polyurethane, and more.

 Our professional spray shop and on site sprayers specialize in high end wood finishing of furniture, railings, entertainment units & built ins, and more. Ideally we prefer to take pieces off site to finish in our shop, fully equipped with environmentally controlled spray booths, and proper licensing to use lacquers after the VOC legislation comes into effect. For all on site spraying, a proper spray booth is set up in the areas to be sprayed, and all areas not being sprayed are taped off to eliminate overspray. Reborn also uses ventilation techniques on site to ensure as much of the product is directly vented out of the nearest window/door as work is being performed. Whether it is a new piece of woodwork, or an existing piece that you would like to change the color of, Reborn is able to strip, re-stain, cover stained woodwork with a solid color, and apply extremely durable top coats to protect the new finish. Some other types of finishing and refinishing we have done include metal eaves and downspouts, mailboxes, address numbers, metal railings, fireplace louvers, decorative ornaments, and much more.


When it comes to general exterior house painting, Reborn’s record of excellence is unrivalled. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of exterior painters are the best in the business. We are trained to identity many issues to look for while performing our extensive prep work on repaints, and we have the tools, products and knowledge to address these issues. Over the years exteriors that have been painted and repainted have been exposed to both harsh elements and improper paint jobs, which often lead to potential problems when applying another coat of paint. Some of these issues that we are trained to identity and remediate include: alligator scaling, lifting and peeling, tannin bleed, inner coat adhesion, and many others. Failure to note these issues at the time of the estimate can lead to huge issues after the paint job begins. Too often companies failing to notice these issues will not be able to remediate them, and the client will be left with a paint job destined to fail and lead to more problems and wasted money. With Reborn, the chances of these problems arising are greatly reduced, as we know to look for signs of them when we do our estimates.

Our exterior painting and coatings services include garage epoxy floor coatings, driveway sealing, garage and driveway coatings, power washing, fence and deck painting, siding, soffit, window and oak trim painting.

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